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the house of peace

already loving it

just posted a couple of pictures from the balcony of the place where i'm staying (called the house of peace).

the story of this spot is that a woman said God told her to build a place in Jerusalem where people could come and rest while on missionary trips or ministering in various places, to spend quiet time and hear from God. she took up one offering and bought this place...a gorgeous three story house with exquisite architecture--it was originally built by an architect who designed it for himself.

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leaving today


i'm looking for destination in this journey

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getting ready

leaving for Israel-Palestine in 8 days...

i've been trying to school myself a bit from various angles: the Palestinian, Israeli, religio-historical, spiritual, etc. etc.

so far, the library's been: Said's The Politics of Dispossession, Madeline Albright's memoir Madame Secretary (for its sections on the Middle East/US policy and laundry list of political figures), Dershowitz The Case for Israel, Amira Hass' Drinking the Sea at Gaza, and a brand new Tanakh.

my good friend's blog South/South (http://southissouth.wordpress.com/) has also been illuminating in a number of different ways

the most amazing film--Arna's Children (directed by the son of an Israeli activist, about a theater group for young people in Jenin)

also scoured the shelves for some critical poetry books for inspiration while i'm gone...i MUST get some writing done, for real...

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